• About Gaddour
  • Values & Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Quality Policy
  • Environmental Policy

About Gaddour

Gaddour Medical Hospital located in Ain Zara/Libya with 212 beds capacity is in service of your health with its medical expertise and advanced technology world-wide, leading to international standards in health, advanced diagnostic-treatment units, strong academic staff.

Gaddour Medical Center has been established with the aim of delivering health services to everyone  As a team of specialists, technicians, nurses and competent service supervisors, we aim to give you the best quality health service and provide necessary medical care according to the detailed plan upon which we shall agree.

Combining innovative medical technologies with expert and academic staff in a modern hospital setting, Gaddour Medical Hospital aims to become one of the pioneers of the global healthcare industry. In our structure consisting of 43 departments we are serving 7 days and 24 hours with our latest technology equipments, our dedicated staff and a new perspective targeting excellence.

Being your health guardian, being your life partner by targeting excellence.

Our Assets

Our past experience in Health
Patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction
State of the art Technology
Our belief for change
Earn for tomorrow, earn for invest.

Our Mission

To become a global brand

experienced staff, today’s technology rather than outdated technology, scientific and technological developments which followed; patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction-oriented international quality standards

compromising ethical principles rest until every detail is perfect.

Health and Safety Policy

  • Adopting a proactive safety approach,
  • Training and presentation of safety and work information,
  • Owning trustable and safety behaviors in our organization,
  • Getting actions to reduce accident and injury cases in the workplace,
  • Our activities are reviewed on a periodic basis of the danger and risk,
  • Establishing a secure and healthy workspace for patients, visitors, employees, health students and suppliers,
  • Fulfilling all obligations according to national legislation and international health and safety standards related to employee,
  • Determination of the health and safety risks in the workplace, to minimize and manage the development and implementation of effective management systems.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy established to provide contemporary civilization health service based on national and international standards and habits by this direction of administrative support and by guarantee patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

  • Preventing national sources and energy saving,
  • Training our company staff about environment and national sources,
  • Protecting environment according national legislation and international standards and related obligations,
  • Reducing waste at the source by parsing correctly, minimizing harm to environment with the existing waste.

Until every detail is perfect, we will not rest.