Gaddour Medical Center AinZara

Gaddour Medical Hospital located in Ain Zara/Libya with 212 beds capacity is in service of your health with its medical expertise and advanced technology worldwide, leading to international standards in health, advanced diagnostic-treatment units, strong academic staff.

Gaddour Medical Center has been established with the aim of delivering health services to everyone As a team of specialists, technicians, nurses and competent service supervisors, we aim to give you the best quality health service and provide necessary medical care according to the detailed plan upon which we shall agree.

Combining innovative medical technologies with expert and academic staff in a modern hospital setting, Gaddour Medical Hospital aims to become one of the pioneers of the global healthcare industry. In our structure consisting of 43 departments we are serving 7 days and 24 hours with our latest technology equipment, our dedicated staff and a new perspective targeting excellence.

  • 14,000sqm total building area
  • 212 Patient beds capacity
  • 36 ICU beds
  • 12 Neonatal ICU
  • 6 Major Operation rooms
  • 2 Minor Operation rooms
  • Heliport
  • Open and Close Car Parks
  • 25 Polyclinics Doctor Rooms
  • Radiology
    • CT
    • MRI
    • Xray
    • Cardiovascular Screening

Al Mokhtar Clinic Ben Ashur

Al Mokhtar Clinic, established in 1997, a private mini hospital with 50 beds capacity with almost all kind of Specialty outpatient clinic.

A team of specialist, technicians, and supervisors strive to take care of the patient, and offer all kind of medical care available in our clinic, also arrange other medical services else were, and provide a medical report to the patient or his/her representation upon request.

The clinic led by Dr. Mahfoud Gaddour the general manager and his brothers:-

  • Eng. Khalid M. Gaddour Administrative Dep.
  • Mr. Salah M. Gaddour Maintenance Dep.
  • Mr. Mohamed M. Gaddour supply Dep.

Finally we have honor to invite you to visit our clinic your acceptance of the invitation would be highly appreciated .